Snorkeling in the Mediterranean: 5 destinations

The Mediterranean is a privileged place for snorkeling. It is an activity especially designed for immersion in calm, shallow waters and in the search for crystal clear waters.

Cabo de gata playa

The Mediterranean Sea has several places that meet these characteristics. On the other hand, it must be said that it is always good to go snorkeling in the company of an expert in security matters.


Columbretes Islands

The Columbretes Islands are located on the coast of Castellón. The scarce depth of this area, gives rise to the vision of a great variety of fish species, and you can also see small diving turtles . Without separating from the shore of the coast, the marine part of the Columbretes Islands show a great seaweed scene on the bottom . The colors are very varied, with shades such as turquoise blue or green.


Cabo de Gata

Following in Spain, the Cabo de Gata area is a privilege for water activities. The benign climate provides an immersion of a suitable temperature. It is a zone used not only to practice snorkeling, but also diving with equipment, and you can see in that boat a wreck at about 40 meters deep . On the beaches of Cabo de Gata, as in the case of the Genoveses , you can see schools of fish practicing snorkeling, and marine flora.


Porto Bay

The bay of Porto is located on the island of Corsica. Both Corsica and Sardinia are paradises within the Mediterranean, where water activities complement others related to summer. In this case the landscape is different in the background, more stony, typical of an island, and the shades are darker. The bottom of the sea, in the vicinity of the coast, looks like an extension of the cliffs on the surface that approach the coast.



Greece also has great locations to practice the Snorkel activity, and one of them is the island of Crete on its crystalline beaches . In the Mediterranean Sea you can find these jewels that resemble the Caribbean Sea from time to time. The transparency of the sea water, makes the visibility much higher, being able to see 20 or 30 meters below us while snorkeling, watching the fish on the sea floor.

On the island of Crete the bottom is usually occupied by rocks, on which marine species pass before the eyes of the athletes. You can see not only fish with the typical brown tones of the Mediterranean Sea, but also small turtles or seahorses and starfish, which decorate with their garish colors.



The island of Elba belongs to Italy, and its small dimensions have served for a tourist attraction away from the great burdens. It also attracts numerous snorkeling practitioners, and there are training courses. In Elba the fauna is spectacular , the bottom of the sea is a constant color, with species of fish alien to what can usually be seen, and there are also crustaceans and classic or more exotic seafood. The fish come quite close to the surface. The rocky bottom is decorated with algae species that stand out and provide this particular vision of nature.

Logistics for a diving trip to Mexico

It is interesting to make a good preparation of the trip to Mexico to practice scuba diving and other water sports.

We present a small guide not to get lost, and it is convenient to take the equipment, but if you can not, this country offers diving shops and activities programmed in the most typical locations.



This city is located in the middle zone of the Atlantic coast , it is one of the most visited places due to the spectacular dives. The airport of Veracruz is called General Heriberto Jara, and receives international flights, although it is normal for it to make a previous stopover in Mexico City . It is an airport that has very different services for tourism, such as a car rental service.

This terminal of the urban nucleus is quite central, in fact it passes through the porch of the airport the important route 140. You can take this avenue and then the so-called Mexican Army until you reach the boardwalk. Along the coastline, hotel facilities and diving centers stand out , as well as other attractions related to the aquatic world.

Several diving centers and several stores can be found next to the aquarium to find electronic items or clothing, such as Dorado Diving . A little further on, towards the north, is the port.




In Cancun, further south of Mexico within the Yucatan Peninsula, dive shops are also frequent, such as Scuba Total . Some offer logistics infrastructure and at the same time sell products, such as Squalo Divers. Cancún Scuba Center is one of the centers that also contribute the displacement to the dive sites of the area, accompanied by expert teachers. At the same time, you can get a certification to be able to dive, after taking the training courses. Many interested come to Quintana Roo for the fame of the crystal clear waters that can be found in that dive.

The Cancun International Airport has all the necessary tourist services, although it is a bit far from the city center. It can be reached using public transport, with urban buses that depart via road 307 to the town. The city has a structure somewhat different from the typical coastal cities with its boardwalk, since the beaches occupy a very large surface, beyond the buildings.

Diving in Cancun



Acapulco is on the Pacific coast. Those interested in scuba diving go especially to the Atlantic coast because of the proximity to the Caribbean Sea, however in the Pacific there are also treasures. Diving centers are abundant , such as the Acapulco Scuba Center , center that deals with certification and training courses for beginners.

The Acapulco International Airport is very close to the center, but it is convenient to take the transport. The city looks more typical than other cities such as Cancun. Route 200 covers the entire coastline of Acapulco, with its hotel facilities, and that is where the diving centers and stores are located. The peculiarity of this population is that it is in a bay, and around the perimeter of its bay can be found fans of water sports . The peninsula of Las Playas delves into the sea at one end, in this place you can find several diving centers.



Vallarta Port

Puerto Vallarta is another attractive tourist destination, with many travelers who come to enjoy the holidays, as a city-spa. Puerto Vallarta also has an airport, although as we have said, flights usually stop in Mexico City.

The entire coastal environment is valid to enjoy aquatic facilities, especially the area known as Isla Iguana . In this perimeter there are dive shops and training centers , but there are also in the center, far from the coast, as in the case of Aqualica Escualos or Destination Vallarta.

The species are very peculiar underwater in this region of the world, logically every zone of Mexico has its peculiarity, and that is why an expert in this world helps us not to miss any detail of the trip, like the different fish species of the tropical regions or more temperate.

Vallarta Port

Diving in the Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is a very advisable region to practice scuba diving. 

coral reefs veracruz


You can find here a rich fauna, and a transparency in the waters unmatched, as befits the typical color of the tropics.

You can also see almost unique reefs to find in the world, so that diving activities abound along the entire coastline, and are even offered by hotel resorts. It is always advisable not to prepare an immersion for free, but to follow one of the programmed dives of the experts.



Veracruz is the best known city in the Gulf of Mexico related to scuba diving. You can visit the Aquarium , as a complement to the holidays, and we realize that it is a population turned to the sea. The weather is good in this region throughout the year, but it is better to prepare the holidays in the central months of the year, because the transparency of the water is greater.

The aquarium is only a preview of what can be seen. The waters of Veracruz, a short distance from the beach, contain large-scale coral reefs , and the cleanliness of the water helps to see them in all their immensity. The shapes of these corals are very capricious, as a result of a mixture of the various species that grow here, and coral reefs are usually transited by small fish that seek refuge among these beings from the depths. The water acquires a special color in the reefs, with very different tonalities to those that we are accustomed to, with a tendency towards green.


Yucatan Peninsula

Another point of the Gulf of Mexico is the Yucatan Peninsula , where in addition to diving, there are riches very relevant for lovers of history. In the Yucatan we find pearls such as Cancun or other cities of Quintana Roo, equipped with hotel complexes that, as we say, offer diving activities. We are more to the South, and the tropical region acquires all the spectacularity . They are dangerous waters for scuba diving without experts, as sharks can make an appearance, so many activities are aimed at extreme diving.

The nature of the bottom of the sea has also produced corals of various types here, and you can see species of tropical fish that offer different contrasts to those we can see in the rivers of other regions, more similar to those of the sources of the cities, with colors like orange or yellow and very different sizes. It is like having immersed ourselves in the typical aquarium or in the typical aquarium of our homes, with the vegetation of paste now made reality.


Other activities

Confidence in diving experts in the region will lead us to practice other types of activities.

In this case, we look for the attraction of sunken ships on the sea floor, something possible because there are many examples, especially in the area of ​​Veracruz. The ships sank at the time of the Spanish Empire, during the Modern Age, since Veracruz was the most important port of entry to America, along with Cartagena de Indias . Therefore, the traffic of ships laden with riches was constant towards Europe. You can see large galleons resting on the bottom of the sea because of the storm of their last trips, with names like El Águila or El Hidalgo. Expert divers know that in other regions such as Europe, it is not possible to find wrecks of these characteristics, but rather of the twentieth century, and especially with a large access facility when accompanied by experts in this activity.

The fauna also awaits us in diving, and does not necessarily have to do with tropical fish species or with an extreme risk of diving. You can also see more exotic species without looking for danger, such as what happens at the Akumal site, in the state of Quintana Roo , to see the turtles . They are animals that the diver can contemplate as he passes, feeling like another creature in the immensity of the ocean, in a shared respect. In the Gulf of Mexico, expert divers are carrying out a task of conservation of the environment, of the fauna and flora of the sea, to ensure that it can be maintained throughout life. On the beaches this conservation task can also be observed, and the visitors seem to have the learned slogan of respecting the spectacular nature of the sand and the sea water.

The best regatta in the world

Race fans have as reference a series of tests over others. The dream of any amateur is to get to participate in them, something that requires many hours of effort.

Apart from the individual exploits of the sailors, in this case the ambition is to participate above all in teams and against others, in some of the modalities, developing values ​​such as cooperation. Another objective, through these regattas, is to get to participate in the Olympic Games.


Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race regatta is the most prestigious in the world, a prestige based on great hardness due to extension. The big measure is the idea of ​​sailing around the world and competing. The protagonists of the test have to prepare to spend almost a year of navigation, with intermittent stops on the scales.

Only the regatta is run on an official vessel, with regulatory measures and a sail surface of 812 square meters , which is close to the sailing model par excellence. The route usually begins in Spain during the month of October, and moves eastward looking for the warm temperatures that are at that time of the year in the Southern Hemisphere. It skirts the Cape of Good Hope and continues to the Indochina region, passing near Singapore and Malaysia before entering the Pacific sponsored by Bet365 .

After the stopover in New Zealand, the most extensive stage of the journey usually takes place, that of the Pacific Ocean for its southern region. The boats are looking for Cape Horn, which together with Buena Esperanza are the most complicated points to maneuver by the skipper and navigators. Then, they complete the round the world route by the classic route from South America to Europe, with a goal in Scandinavia.


America Cup

The Copa America is the other most famous competition in the world. It is disputed in different locations in each event. It resembles the sailing competitions held in the Olympic Games, unlike the Volvo Ocean Race that have a more thoughtful design for the great exploits of navigation. The races take place at a distance of plus or minus 3 nautical miles . The conditions for sailing are safer, and what is most important in this race is the speed and skill of the team when it comes to handling the boat.

It is disputed by official sailing teams, although the final takes place between the two best of each edition, proclaiming the winner. Lately the Copa America has been played in countries like Spain, without forgetting the United States or New Zealand. The best teams have come from those countries, and the team that wins in an edition, has the duty to defend its title on the following occasion. This cup emerged in the mid-nineteenth century, with rivalry between British and American sailors .

Boat rental: tips and recommendations

Who would not like to spend their holidays, or at least part of them, aboard a wonderful yacht, a sailboat or why not, spend a few days on board a catamaran. 


All are valid options to relax, sunbathe and enjoy the sea, the coast or the landscape to the fullest.

As not everyone can afford to buy one of these boats, nowadays it has become very fashionable to rent them, which allows us, at least for a few days, to feel the freedom to navigate and take advantage so that any celebration becomes a a very special event.


The selection criteria

When renting, we have at our disposal virtually any type of pleasure craft, whether a motor yacht or sail, a sailboat, a catamaran, motorboats, jet skis … In any case, we must think of several aspects before to choose the boat we want to rent:

  • Number of people will be a determining factor.
  • Duration of the trip we have planned.
  • Total route that we want to complete during the rental.

Another important point will be to decide if we want to rent a boat with or without a captain or crew, it will depend on our skills or experience to manage the ship . This question will not only be our decision, but will depend to a large extent on the size and type of boat, yacht, sailboat or catamaran that we want. Although it will also be important to think that if we want to celebrate some kind of event and simply enjoy the experience, it would be best to rent a boat with a captain and forget about driving to focus fully on the fun.

As a general rule, renting a boat is somewhat more rigid than renting a car for example, especially if we intend to do so in high season. July and August are the months with the most demand for boat rentals, so the prices can be quite higher and the conditions more restrictive. The rental of a boat in August or July, can be restricted to a minimum of one week, while if we make our escape in the months of May, June, September or October, besides having also an exceptional time for navigation, we can benefit from better prices and rentals on weekends and even single days.


The management of the ship

When renting a boat, a variety of companies in the market and different methods to do the management.

As for the company, it is best to ensure that it meets a series of requirements such as: that keeps the boats in perfect condition, that the boats are authorized for the activity in question (in this case the rental), and that they have a crew competent, qualified and qualified in order to guarantee the best of experiences with premier casino .

If we look at the rental methods, we find several figures that we explain:

  • Charter agencies : are companies that organize or offer rent, but are not the owners of them, therefore they do not deal with the maintenance or condition of the boat and do not have great detail about the types of boat available. Sometimes, the client may encounter some surprise after the rental due to lack of information or incorrect information. On the contrary, they have a strong point, and that is that they offer a multitude of destinations and have a large number of offers available.
  • Shipowners : the boats that we rent with them are their property, which guarantees us the best information about them. The negotiation must be done directly with the owner, which in most cases has advantages over having an intermediary. The negative part is that if we want to make a comparison, see different prices, different types of boats available, we will have to do our own research task.

A very important advice to follow when renting a boat is to have the corresponding insurance . The nautical accidents are unusual but not impossible. And if it’s the case, it can completely ruin our vacations. The rent of a boat is quite expensive (around 150-200 euros per day), to that we must add the fuel (if applicable) and the consumption expenses generated on the ship. If we had to add all the repairs to some element of the ship, it would be infinitely more expensive than hiring the corresponding insurance.

Last but not least, remember a series of rules of use and behavior on the boat to ensure both the safety and maintenance of the same: use of the bathroom, responsible consumption of water and electricity, care of the boat both inside and outside at the time of sailing, maintaining order, wearing appropriate shoes and clothing …

The advantages and disadvantages of sailing or motor

It is possible that there are people who are thinking about acquiring a boat and are hesitating between the convenience of it being motor or driven by sailing.


It is an important decision, but there are no fixed guidelines to decide on one or the other option.

In fact, there are many people who have enjoyed a sailboat all their life and after many years they have switched to the engine and others have made the opposite route, simply for the pleasure of changing the type of navigation.

Logically, both options have some advantages and disadvantages that will have to be evaluated in order to finally decide the choice to be made. In any case, contrary to what some people may think, sailing does not automatically convert anyone into a better navigator than those who do it by motor. The two navigations are different but the end can not be but one unique, as it is to enjoy the sea and everything it offers us.


The characteristics of motor navigation

In relation to motor navigation there is a wide range, from the powerful gasoline outboards, ideal for water skiing, exciting pilots or short trips in fishing days, diesel boats for water sports, traditional sailing boats “Slow”, the small cruises that cross the coast and allow us to spend the night anchored or the luxurious large yachts . In them, we can cite some objective disadvantages , such as:

  • The fuel. The more powerful and fast our motor boat is, the more expensive it will be to feed it.
  • To ensure the perfect condition of the boat, proper maintenance must be carried out by a specialist.
  • If we intend to travel long distances, we have to take into account the limitation of autonomy and the imperative need to refuel if we want to continue sailing.

However, it presents a series of non- negligible advantages :

  • Motor navigation is much simpler, since complicated maneuvers are not necessary nor do you need a large number of crew.
  • It is ideal for people who do not have a lot of free time, since the trips are made faster.
  • We move quickly to the places we want, without having to depend on the existence or not of wind, which allows us to set a schedule.
  • The trips are usually more comfortable, since the boats are more spacious. The habitability and comfort is usually higher than that which characterizes sailboats.


The peculiarities of sailing

In relation to sail-driven boats, the models are different depending on the type of navigation we intend to do, whether it is cruise on the coast, regatta or altitude navigation. If we talk about this type of sailing, the advantages that can be reported are related to aspects such as :

  • The absolute independence it offers us and the possibility of being able to get lost in the sea and in contact with nature during long seasons, because the autonomy is much greater since the wind itself is its fuel. In short, a free and ecological fuel .
  • It allows you to fully enjoy the tranquility and freedom provided by the gliding through the wind.
  • The navigation is silent and relaxing, with an absolute integration with the environment.
  • Sailing takes us to the same places, or even further than motorcycles, although we must invest more time.
  • It is the oldest and probably the most romantic way to navigate.

But, this type of navigation also has its disadvantages :

  • It is necessary that the crew has a greater technical training and a number of crew that determines the length of the boat. To capture the wind with the sails, more laborious maneuvers are required and the habitability on board is lower.
  • Meteorology has a definite influence on sailing. First, because knowledge of the wind is fundamental and second, for the time that should be spent on each trip on board.
  • It forces us to much longer journeys, something that people with limited time can not afford.
  • The maintenance of a sailboat usually leads to greater complexity, despite the fact that the engine is simpler. It is necessary to continuously check the rigging, the sails or the ropes.
  • The length will determine a primordial role in its habitability and behavior. It can be established, as a general rule, that the increase in length affects less movement, more speed and comfort, but requires a much larger budget, for the associated costs of mooring and maintenance.

In search of a Cabin Cruiser

A cruiser allows you to enjoy the vertigo of the open air on the high seas.

Cabin cruiser bavaria


The term “cabin cruiser” refers to a motor boat, halfway between a boat and a yacht, which offers the improper comfort of a smaller boat. The best option to make a purchase is to go to the resources offered by Internet, and to the fairs.


Information on the Internet

If the idea of ​​what you want to buy is not very big, it is best to start with Internet web pages that work like a magazine. One of them is Nautical and Yachts. Within the “cabin cruiser” section , the reference marks of the sector appear. For example Windy offer models where the materials of the finishes appear as one of the most successful qualities. The same effects are pursued as in the case of larger vessels. The objective is to get the power in the motor of the sports boats, but adding the decoration .

This achievement is sought in the finishes, but we must also take into account the cabin reserved for the cabin , the space where the occupants of the vehicle go during the trip. The cabin in these boats has to be large, and in a sense it resembles a high-end car, sports or convertible style. There is space for the pilot, but also for the companions, and unlike the motor boats we do not feel like they are exposed to speed at sea , since there is a protection thanks to the dimensions greater than those of a boat. They usually have two independent front seats for the pilot and co-pilot, on the front, and a rear chair for at least two more occupants.

The reinforcing materials are highly valued. We refer to the components that are used to finish the body inside and outside the boat, including the upholstery of the seats. The floor of the boats, what we know as a deck, is something that distinguishes these items from motor boats, because they have a design that we can consider as luxury, and that allows the occupants to have a comfortable journey while stepping on that material.

We must try to find, in addition to the attractive design, a space that allows the displacement by the deck of the boat. It is logically a small space, but enough to move from the bow to the stern, and also include quality details such as a small solarium . It is important to let us open the lid where you can see the engine, something that should be done comfortably. In the absence of an understanding, it is always good to consult these magazines or consult the information with an expert, reaching the conclusion of whether the engine offers the benefits we are looking for.


Way to buy

With regard to the way to buy a cabin-cruiser, a good way is to approach the nautical fairs present during the year , but especially in the summer and September. It is advisable to immerse yourself in the world of navigation and compare prices. The two best are Monaco and La Rochelle, and we know that there are two regions where these fairs have a greater diffusion: the Bay of Biscay and the Cote d’Azur, both in French territory. The entire perimeter of Bordeaux, reaching the border with Spain, is a suitable place to find fairs and distributors, and also the commented Costa Azul.

In addition to fairs, distributors can find listings that are offered on the Internet , on pages such as Nauticexpo . There, distributors like Chantier Naval or Cote Bourdeaux are exposed, and as always we advise not to do any distance agreement and go to the site to test the article and not spend money on games of chance as one can do in Titanbet

In Spain, the shops to buy cabin cruisers also exist, and the best way is to go directly to them . They are present especially in the maritime zones and in the vicinity of the marinas, in the reference cities of the coast such as Bilbao, Barcelona or Vigo. On the other hand, the Internet has online stores where you can buy replacement items for cabin cruisers, in stores such as Inflatable and Motors or Boats 24, and the star product is usually the engine.

The Diving World Records

The records of the world of scuba diving always attract attention, both from the fans and from the rest. 

The difficulty is capital and safety conditions can never be said to be optimal, especially because we are talking about high-risk dives, where no one has arrived.

The depths of the sea are a mystery, as much as space travel, and it has always attracted man to be able to descend great distances under water.


Diving with equipment

The current record of diving with full equipment, corresponds to the Egyptian Ahmed Gamal , with an achievement that took place in 2014. This diver got down to 332.35 meters , a real feat. We say that other attempts by submariners, have meant the death for people, so the risk was very high and the Egyptian had to take special measures.

The feat took place in the Red Sea. There were very different times in the descent towards the depths and the rise. The descent only lasted 12 minutes , but it took 15 hours to climb to the surface . The reason has to do with the constant stops that a diver must make from that position, as a result of the enormous pressure exerted by the water in the climb. The team is not limited in these attempts to the typical bottles that a diver carries on his back. The Egyptian had at his disposal 60 bottles of oxygen , with a preparation made by experts in physical conditions, to face especially the problem of the rise.


Scuba diving to lung

The practice of lung diving has always been tried, for reasons such as working in the near depths. The risk has been very high, so it also means working hard in safety conditions. In this sector, Dave Mullins is the number one in the world. The New Zealander has managed to go down to 244 meters under the sea without the use of assistance. Spaniards like Miguel Lozano is also an expert in this specialty. When the exploit, so some could bet on the depth with Betclic promotional code !

The greatest difficulty in this type of dives is related to oxygen consumption. The breathing must be endured to reach that distance for a long time, something that of course is not available to everyone. Specialists must have an almost superhuman lung capacity . In addition, this ability does not ensure the success of the dive in conditions of safety for life, because despite being able to hold their breath the lack of oxygen can be very harmful, without any possibility of assistance. The ambition to get lower in these descents has an attraction in being the first person in the world to be in that position in all history.

The best diving places in Mexico

The curiosity of man has pushed him more and more to the bottom in his need to discover the world around him.


Since the man made his first dive, back in 1538, in a demonstration in front of Carlos V and with a somewhat spectacular artifact, there have been many who throughout history have been repeating the feat. This competition had its end in the year 1960, when Jacques Picard and Don Walsh reached the bottom of the pit of Las Marinas located in the Pacific Ocean. These 10916 meters , suppose the deepest point of the whole earth. But it is not only about competing, but about enjoying the environment and what the sea can offer us.

Sports and activities related to the sea are often the most attractive to perform due precisely to the environment in which they are carried out. Interacting with the sea or the beach produces an infinity of pleasant sensations and well-being , while favoring the physical and mental condition. Navigation and diving are two ideal activities to practice, whether we do it focusing on sports or as a hobby.

The waters of Mexico have ideal characteristics for both activities. From the beautiful turquoise sea of ​​the Caribbean, where you can enjoy spectacular views or huge coral reefs (the second largest in the world), to the Gulf of Mexico , passing through unique coastal spots full of cliffs and waters full of wildlife for the enjoy the most curious. The depth of the waters at points close to the coast allows navigation in really beautiful areas.

For lovers of diving, the waters of Mexico are a true paradise . To immerse oneself in them is to discover the most wonderful part of this country, each corner is unique and is a new opportunity to discover one of the most important fauna and flora in the world. There are a lot of places to visit, either sailing or diving, let’s see some of them :

  • Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park: Cozumel is an island that is almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs, which makes it an exceptional destination for diving. In it you can do a lot of recreational activities, education, dives, etc. In addition, its excellent climate (around 25 degrees all year round) and its biodiversity, both terrestrial and marine, further elevate it to its status as a paradise.
  • Mar de Cortés: it is an extension of the Pacific Ocean. It also has great biological diversity due to factors such as water nutrients, temperature and the amount of light it receives. For all this, at the time Jacques-Yves Cousteau called this sea the “aquarium of the world” . Another peculiarity of this sea is its tides, one of the largest in the entire planet that sometimes reach differences of up to 9 meters between the high and low tide.
  • Santiaguillo: located very close to Veracruz, has one of the most crystalline waters on the planet (only surpassed by the Mexican Caribbean), being therefore another ideal destination to practice diving and enjoy marine life and the reefs that populate This rich area.
  • Isla de Holbox: this island is located at the end of the Yucatan Peninsula, another Mexican paradise. In addition to its fabulous underwater world, you can also enjoy another privilege, swimming among sharks, but not with sharks of any kind, but with the harmless and beautiful whale sharks.


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