The Diving World Records

The records of the world of scuba diving always attract attention, both from the fans and from the rest. 

The difficulty is capital and safety conditions can never be said to be optimal, especially because we are talking about high-risk dives, where no one has arrived.

The depths of the sea are a mystery, as much as space travel, and it has always attracted man to be able to descend great distances under water.


Diving with equipment

The current record of diving with full equipment, corresponds to the Egyptian Ahmed Gamal , with an achievement that took place in 2014. This diver got down to 332.35 meters , a real feat. We say that other attempts by submariners, have meant the death for people, so the risk was very high and the Egyptian had to take special measures.

The feat took place in the Red Sea. There were very different times in the descent towards the depths and the rise. The descent only lasted 12 minutes , but it took 15 hours to climb to the surface . The reason has to do with the constant stops that a diver must make from that position, as a result of the enormous pressure exerted by the water in the climb. The team is not limited in these attempts to the typical bottles that a diver carries on his back. The Egyptian had at his disposal 60 bottles of oxygen , with a preparation made by experts in physical conditions, to face especially the problem of the rise.


Scuba diving to lung

The practice of lung diving has always been tried, for reasons such as working in the near depths. The risk has been very high, so it also means working hard in safety conditions. In this sector, Dave Mullins is the number one in the world. The New Zealander has managed to go down to 244 meters under the sea without the use of assistance. Spaniards like Miguel Lozano is also an expert in this specialty. When the exploit, so some could bet on the depth with Betclic promotional code !

The greatest difficulty in this type of dives is related to oxygen consumption. The breathing must be endured to reach that distance for a long time, something that of course is not available to everyone. Specialists must have an almost superhuman lung capacity . In addition, this ability does not ensure the success of the dive in conditions of safety for life, because despite being able to hold their breath the lack of oxygen can be very harmful, without any possibility of assistance. The ambition to get lower in these descents has an attraction in being the first person in the world to be in that position in all history.

The best diving places in Mexico

The curiosity of man has pushed him more and more to the bottom in his need to discover the world around him.


Since the man made his first dive, back in 1538, in a demonstration in front of Carlos V and with a somewhat spectacular artifact, there have been many who throughout history have been repeating the feat. This competition had its end in the year 1960, when Jacques Picard and Don Walsh reached the bottom of the pit of Las Marinas located in the Pacific Ocean. These 10916 meters , suppose the deepest point of the whole earth. But it is not only about competing, but about enjoying the environment and what the sea can offer us.

Sports and activities related to the sea are often the most attractive to perform due precisely to the environment in which they are carried out. Interacting with the sea or the beach produces an infinity of pleasant sensations and well-being , while favoring the physical and mental condition. Navigation and diving are two ideal activities to practice, whether we do it focusing on sports or as a hobby.

The waters of Mexico have ideal characteristics for both activities. From the beautiful turquoise sea of ​​the Caribbean, where you can enjoy spectacular views or huge coral reefs (the second largest in the world), to the Gulf of Mexico , passing through unique coastal spots full of cliffs and waters full of wildlife for the enjoy the most curious. The depth of the waters at points close to the coast allows navigation in really beautiful areas.

For lovers of diving, the waters of Mexico are a true paradise . To immerse oneself in them is to discover the most wonderful part of this country, each corner is unique and is a new opportunity to discover one of the most important fauna and flora in the world. There are a lot of places to visit, either sailing or diving, let’s see some of them :

  • Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park: Cozumel is an island that is almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs, which makes it an exceptional destination for diving. In it you can do a lot of recreational activities, education, dives, etc. In addition, its excellent climate (around 25 degrees all year round) and its biodiversity, both terrestrial and marine, further elevate it to its status as a paradise.
  • Mar de Cortés: it is an extension of the Pacific Ocean. It also has great biological diversity due to factors such as water nutrients, temperature and the amount of light it receives. For all this, at the time Jacques-Yves Cousteau called this sea the “aquarium of the world” . Another peculiarity of this sea is its tides, one of the largest in the entire planet that sometimes reach differences of up to 9 meters between the high and low tide.
  • Santiaguillo: located very close to Veracruz, has one of the most crystalline waters on the planet (only surpassed by the Mexican Caribbean), being therefore another ideal destination to practice diving and enjoy marine life and the reefs that populate This rich area.
  • Isla de Holbox: this island is located at the end of the Yucatan Peninsula, another Mexican paradise. In addition to its fabulous underwater world, you can also enjoy another privilege, swimming among sharks, but not with sharks of any kind, but with the harmless and beautiful whale sharks.