5 tips for the smart financial adviser: what to do for the company you represent to obtain the loan


5 tips for the smart financial adviser: what to do for the company you represent to get the loan

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Instrumental investments or marketing. Stock stocks to cope with the hot periods in terms of sales. A new project that requires a network of super powerful PCs, professional advice to reorganize the production line, and so on and so forth. Small businesses that want to emerge in the difficult market of these years are forced to invest . Often, however, if the dimensions are micro or even small and the needs of the same cash, they find the resistance of the banks that instead on these dimensions do not make profits and send them back to the sender. A waste of time and energy also for the consultant who accompanies companies in the search for liquidity. The lending marketplace is born precisely for this kind of loans and companies but, obviously, the loans are disbursed after a careful analysis of the solvency of the subject. To the consultant (or company) who does not want to make mistakes, we suggest five tips to have our yes.

Here they are:

1) Respect the minimum requirements . That is to be in target, that is a company with a turnover of at least 50 thousand euros and one year of life, which has produced, in essence, at least one accounting document;

2) Regularity in payments . Make sure that the company or the entrepreneur are not prejudicial, that there are not, that is, protests or non-payments;

3) Analysis of budget fundamentals . Check that the applicant company is healthy based on the main items in the financial statements: performance of turnover, repayment capacity, impact of financial charges on turnover, length of payment times, financial independence;

4) Point on the web . Verify that the company has visibility on the web: the more the company performs on social networks and takes care of its reputation on the web, the more it is suitable for the p2p lending tool;

5) Conscious entrepreneur . Evaluate that the entrepreneurial profile is transparent and corresponds to what is declared publicly and that the entrepreneurial project is interesting for the growth of the company.

The lending marketplace thus becomes the fastest and most transparent tool for financial solutions for small businesses for business consultants.