Bank Opinions 2019 assignment of the fifth: personal loans and conditions


We discover and the assignment of the fifth, the conditions of personal loans and the opinions of customers on the web. Perhaps the group is not among the most publicized, but this institute provides excellent products with a wide reliability and transparency, meeting the needs of its customers.


banca operates in the personal credit sector and is a reliable and transparent reality in the Italian financial landscape. Among the market leaders in credit and in the sale of the fifth, founded in 1927, with more than 80 years of experience, it guarantees quality products with a team of consultants that follows you in every step and helps you to choose the most suitable for you. The main advantage of is its ability to meet the needs of its customers with personal loans and deposits accounts suitable for everyone.

assignment of the fifth: what is it and how to ask?

The strength of is the assignment of the fifth : what is it? Simply a loan, dedicated to public and private employees or retirees, reimbursed through one-fifth of your salary. It allows you to obtain a loan by paying an installment equal to a maximum of one fifth of your salary or pension by delaying the installment from a minimum of 24 months to a maximum of 120. All you need is your paycheck or your pension slip, it is not request no motivation on the destination of the loan and the installment is deducted directly on your salary.

Rates are extremely convenient , insurance coverage is provided and you can request it immediately online or by booking an appointment via the site at the branch office. Do you want an example of the rates applied? If you request, for example, a loan of € 16,000, you can repay the loan in 120 installments of € 175 a month with a fixed TAN of 4.65% and a fixed TAEG of 5.82%.

ibl assignment of the fifth

personal loans and conditions: what are they?

In addition to the transfer of the fifth, with you can also ask for other types of personal loans each with different conditions and suitable for different financial needs. From loans with delegation to consolidation, fifth and personal loans , really offers you everything you need. The personal loan is a loan that allows you to choose the conditions you prefer, the installment you find most appropriate to your needs, and the duration. Request it is very simple, fast and fast, just fill out the online form and ask for a quote on the web, or make an appointment at the branch. The loan is repaid with a deduction from the current account or postal bills. The interest rates are fixed and convenient , the installment is constant and defined according to your conditions and needs. You can request from a minimum of € 2,000 to a maximum of € 60,000 to be repaid from 24 to 120 months.

opinions: what do customers think about the web?

I looked for the opinions of online but I must say that there are not many. Rather there are many newspaper articles about his movements in Piazza Affari. Usually the lack of comments on the web about a financial institution can mean two things: that the group has just started its activity (and it is not the case of since its foundation dates back almost a century ago), or that people have nothing to complain about. We know very well, in fact, that people tend to write and review more when they live a negative experience than positive. So the signs are a good omen. In any case I would like to know your opinions: if you are already an customer, write in the comments and let us know what you think!

Whether you are looking for excellent conditions for the sale of the fifth or for personal loans , surely is a financial reality on which to rely and to try: excellent products and high reliability. Leave your opinions in the comments if you share this opinion!


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