Business Angel: “angels” of loan for startups


Business Angel: “angels” of loan for startups


What is the main obstacle for an innovative startup , young and with a winning idea? Finding loan to grow and enter the market. Obtaining financing through banks is not always easy for a company that has just been born and without budgets to be evaluated. But budgets are not the object of evaluation of Business Angels , investors who can decide to focus on a startup, accompanying it in the business world.

We had already talked about the advantages of loan from private investors describing the world of Private Equity . Today we want to deepen the figure of the Business Angel.

Who is the Business Angel? – It is a private individual, usually a figure of great experience in the economic-financial world, often a manager. Its activity is to bring capital for the development of a company , after evaluating risks and opportunities.
For a startup it can therefore be very useful to count not only on private financing, but also on the experience that such a figure can bring to its business.

How do I get in touch with a Business Angel? First of all we suggest you to contact the IBAN that has the task of putting in contact the companies and Business Angel.

Furthermore, this well-prepared contact must be reached, supported by complete and convincing documentation . Nicola Santangelo explains it well on the portal:

Before deciding to invest a business, the business angels evaluate 5 or 6 companies in depth: characteristics of the product or service on which it invests, growth potential , managerial capacity , competence and motivation of the team.

Typical waste cause: high level of risk; lack of confidence of the entrepreneur; drafting of unsatisfactory business plans.

The business plan is fundamental to obtaining funding as it describes the business project , the strategic choices and the operating methods, the economic prospects and the financial needs connected to the project … keep reading on