Golden Partner of “Loan to Loan 2013”


Golden Partner of “Loan to Loan 2013”


The next major event will be held on November 28th and 29th in Rome, the most important event linked to the relationship between banks, businesses and families. ” Loano al Loano “, organized by ABI eventi , has for years been the event dedicated to the strategic theme of Loan to individuals and businesses, within a changing European and Italian regulatory environment.

Bank will be “Golden partner” of the event, and for this reason it will have an important role in the debates focused on business Loan. Specifically, the initiatives of the banking sector in support of SMEs will be evaluated and the opportunities arising from the use of European funds and the optimal use of the guarantee network existing in Italy will be analyzed.

Bank will bring to the conference the innovative experience, begun in recent months, to interact with companies seeking funding through its portal. The president of Bank, Angelo Blancato, will speak at one of the meetings organized with the major representatives of the world banks and companies. The topic concerns the possible strategies of banks to support healthy companies that have temporary economic, financial or market difficulties, with the aim of opening the way to new development prospects and preventing these difficulties from becoming a crisis.

Loan to Loan is therefore an important opportunity for all the protagonists of the sector to meet, discuss and network, in which to share analyzes, best practices, experiences and find solutions to relaunch the Loan market and thus boost the economic growth of our business. Country .