How to take advantage of the best facilities for access to loan


How to take advantage of the best facilities for access to loan


Accessing a facility may be important to have more opportunities to access loan. Whether it is non-repayable subsidies, contributions on the cost of financing or tax relief, it often makes it possible to lower the costs of debt management and thus access better economic conditions.

Beyond the obvious advantages , however, it is not so obvious to be able to take advantage of these facilitated conditions. The main problems concern:

  • the research: ” where do I find the most interesting facilities?”
  • the typology: ” which facilitation is more suitable for the purposes of my company?”
  • the question: ” how to fill in the request? are they able to answer all requests? “

The usefulness of a professional support
Also for the benefits, as well as loan requests in the bank, structuring the best of the demand and presenting the company at its best is essential for obtaining a positive feasibility. This is why we believe that access to a company’s loan is more likely to be successful if supported by a professional. It is also on the basis of this conviction that we have created a portal dedicated to the meeting between companies and professionals such as consultants and accountants, who increasingly offer support services for access to loan: Borsadelloano PRO .

Where to look for the best facilities
On the web, the sites dedicated to entrepreneurs looking for facilitations exist, but they are sometimes not updated or not independent.
With there are several ways:

  • for entrepreneurs, the verification of the best benefits is made after the request for access to loan, with the support of the assigned consultant, which indicates any interesting public notices to which the company can apply;
  • for professionals, the subscription to Borsadelloano PRO allows access to a database of facilitations updated daily and with national coverage, with a quick and intuitive search panel.

In this way the entrepreneur is guaranteed professional support both in the search for the best facilitation and in completing the application for access.

What is the best loan facility for businesses?
Depending on the type of company, its geographical location, age or social structure, there may be various types of interesting facilities.
But we will never tire of saying that the main facility for access to loan for companies is the State Guarantee Fund (Law 662/96). This is because the possibility of having the Italian State as guarantor for access to loan is an advantage for both banks and companies. We have often talked about the State Guarantee Fund in this blog and on our site: to understand how it works we refer you to our guide on .