Over one million euros loaned in the first month of 2017


Over one million euros loaned in the first month of 2017

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It went to more than 8.1 million euro, from around 7 of the previous month, the disbursement from BorsadelCredito.it to 31 January 2017. The amount of loans provided by the Italian p2p lending platform dedicated to SMEs continued to grow. last month the value has exceeded one million euro, marking a new monthly record (1,135,018 euros for accuracy)

Loans amount to 264, 16 paid in the month analyzed ; while the yield for lenders stands at an average of 5.60% gross. This yield was in any case higher than the average of the main UK platforms , which at the end of January recorded a value of 5.14%, based on the Liberum AltFi Returns Index .

Nor does it change the situation of absolute predominance in terms of net return on p2p compared to all other comparable forms of investment . The less profitable in the year ended January 31, 2017 has again shown the five-year BTP that has broken a coupon of 0.35% – a little more than 30 euros of gain, net of a 12.5% ​​discounted tax on an investment value of 10 thousand euros. On the other hand, the deposit accounts held on 1 February 2017 offered an average return of 0.74%, corresponding to a gain of about 54.8% net of withholding tax on the same entry ticket of 10 thousand euro. While corporate bonds made up 3.57% on average over 12 months, net of current expenses – or around 264 euros in net income. In January, the average yield of this instrument was negative (gross) for 0.33%. The 5.60% of BorsadelCredito.it corresponds to a net gain of between 319 and 431 euros – depending on the rate of taxation applied – calculated on 10 thousand euros invested.

In geographical terms, the ranking of Lombardy still lends itself, with 70 loans . Second largest applicant for Campania with 37 loans, followed by Lazio (36) and Puglia (35); follows the Veneto with 17 loans and Piedmont with 14; stops Tuscany at 12 and Emilia Romagna at 11.

The most active sector is the services sector, with 28.4% of the total market , followed by trade (with a 23.1% share of the lender in addition to 14% of wholesale trade); industry and production remain steady at 16.7% and the building industry stands at 10.2%.