The statistics for October: 200 loans exceeding € 5 million have been exceeded


Statistics for October: 200 loans exceeding 5 million

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In October 2016 the total disbursement of reached almost five million and broke the 200 loan threshold. In detail, 213 loans were granted for a total of 4,969.546 euros , compared to 4.2 million in September: a great leap forward.

The average interest rate was 5.68% , gross of taxation (which we note varies between 23% and 43% based on the lender’s income), higher than that of the British p2p which in October 5.22%, based on the Liberum AltFi Returns Index , the index that brings together the four main UK platforms.

Also in October the lenders’ investment was completely protected by the Protection Fund , since the actual losses remained far below expected losses.

The comparison with the yields of the other asset classes is ruthless: the deposit accounts tied to November 1, 2016 offered an average yield of 0.67%, corresponding to a gain of 50 euros net of withholding tax of 26%, on a ticket of admission of 10 thousand euros. The five-year BTP recorded a return of 0.35% – equal to 31 euros of gain, net of a 12.5% ​​concession; while corporate bonds made up 2.45% on average over the 12 months – equal to € 181 of net income. 5.68% of corresponds to a net profit of between 324 and 437 euros out of 10 thousand euros invested .

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Returning to the lender, a look in detail shows that to drive loan applications is always Lombardy (at 57) followed by Campania (30) and Puglia (29), Lazio has obtained 25 loans, 13 Veneto, 11 Tuscany, 10 Emilia Romagna and Piedmont.

The most active sector is services , with 30.5% of the total market, followed by trade (with a slice of 23.5% of the disbursed), industry and production (15.5%), wholesale trade (12.7%) and Construction (10.8%) share the largest shares. The rest, a marginal 7%, is parceled out among all other sectors.